Tuesday, Oct. 14th - FEVRE DREAM w/ Burning Palms (Tucson) @ Blind Pig - Oxford, MS

Friday, Oct. 17th - NERVS w/ Four Bears Inn @ World Famous Irish Pub - Pascagoula, MS

Saturday, Oct. 18th - NERVS w/ Super Nice Bros & Liqour and Lies @ Saturn Bar - New Orleans, LA

Sunday, Oct. 19th - FEVRE DREAM w/ SOKO (LA) @ Cats Purring Dude Ranch - Oxford, MS

Thursday, Oct. 23rd - NERVS w/ Faux Killas & Brainworm @ Black Lodge Video - Memphis, TN

Fevre Dream // NERVS

I can’t upload any original photos because my comp software is too outta date, BUT, my bands are playing a bunch this weekend in Oxford,MS and it deserves a plug:

Friday~5th~Fevre Dream w/ Holy Gallows (memphis) & Nadir Bliss @ Cats Purring Dude Ranch
Saturday~6th~NERVS w/ Fevre Dream & Tangles @ Proud Larry’s

Come, come, come, and be on drugs while casually bumping into the person in front of you and then fall in love and invite me to your wedding and name your son after me.

Swans - In My Garden


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took some lsd tonight and a couple of my friends have bought dirt bikes in the past couple o weeks

Listen/purchase: Bad Martyr by NERVS

Forgot to do this! The EP has 3 songs on it, and the cassette is available now at the record store in town. We’re recording the full length during a 5 day stretch in November. (We have actually booked the dates and I’m not just saying that). Also, going on tour this october. Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago, Champaign.

Listen/purchase: DUNE Drift (Tucson Compilation) by T O P A Z

this will 4ever be one of my favorite mixtapes. if you’ve ever been curious about the sounds coming out of the sonoran desert, LISTEN.

family dinner

family dinner

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Listen/purchase: Suzerain by Fevre Dream

Here’s my new band, FEVRE DREAM. Hope yall like!

Listen/purchase: Dragon Time - Wanna EP by Dragon Time